The Revolution RSC6 Scroller Engine, the core of the Toys R Us "Building Board" in Times Square, New York City, is also the core of every Revolution RevElite and RADAElite sign.


Revolution RADAElite Scrolling Signs work flawlessly in -35C temperatures and blowing snow on a Quebec ski hill.


Revolution RADAElite are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). RevElite and RADAElite operate at any input voltage from 100VAC up to 260VAC, at 50 or 60 Hz.



RevElite and RADA-Elite scrolling signs are ideal for retail spaces, transit systems, airports, museums, galleries, and exhibits.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use, the Revolution display system features maintenance-free brushless motors, battery-backup, versatile and easy-to-use control software for operation and programming, and optional wireless control.

R5851E Outdoor Scrolling Sign, Cover Raised

Attract the attention you deserve with dimmable backlighting, speed control, up to thirty-two frames of vibrant high-resolution color art, and groups of synchronized and choreographed displays.

Display a single frame or a programmed sequence of frames at a specific time of day. A sequence can cycle any combination of installed art panels with unique light levels, transit speeds and display times.

Want to show a major sponsor logo at exactly 5:00pm Monday to Friday?

Want to show different ads during the day and evening?

Want to show a special sequence of ads the week before Christmas or only during a special event?

Want your signs to go to sleep during off-hours, or during nearby stage events?

The Revolution real-time clock, built into every sign, supports cues at any time, day of the week, and week of the year -- any time in a 30-year period!

You can upload new sequences and cues to Revolution signs at any time. Use a wireless link to make it truly effortless.

Click here for more information about RevPower control and sequencing software.

Available for 100V - 260V power at 50 - 60Hz to operate anywhere in the world without modification or customization. We can meet the electrical safety requirements of your country -- please contact us. Every RevElite sign includes built-in battery backup and is unaffected by short power interruptions, brownouts, or surges. Ultimate reliability is our hallmark.

Arrange multiple scrolling signs in a matrix
to cover large areas with eye-catching choreography. Learn about our Toys "R" Us matrix in Times Square, New York City.


The Power of RevElite

  • Sell more than just ad-space: sell the eye-catching, brand-enforcing power of motion and lighting effects.
  • Use realtime cues to schedule advertising with peak and off-peak times, and variable frequency of exposure.
  • Up to thirty-two photo-quality images in one space.
  • Reliable and durable for wide-open public spaces.
  • Three times the audience of nonmoving signs in the same venue (based on independent studies).
  • Fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • UL and ULC approved.
  • Increase revenue with 3000% more display space attracting 300% more viewers.