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Revolution provides the perfect scrolling sign solution for ANY need. From simple in-store displays to mobile advertising applications to the most complex scrolling signage installations in the world, Revolution delivers an extremely reliable, domestically-produced product and top-level customer support to guarantee years of satisfaction and profit for advertisers, display companies, public venues and independent operators.

Recent high-profile projects include scrolling signage systems for the Disneyland Street Party in Anaheim, the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte NC, the NBA's Orlando Magic Amway display, the NCAA Louisville Cardinals at the KFC Yum! Center, the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance and the New York Aquarium.

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Revolution at the Academy Awards

Revolution Display Systems was selected to design and deliver scrolling signage for on-stage display during the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences extravaganza, marking the first time that this emerging technology has been featured live-to-air during the biggest show on earth. - more -

Third-party studies document the effectiveness of scrolling advertising

RevMatrix Scrolling Modules for Architectural Spectaculars

RevMatrix installations in Times Square, NYC and Dundas Square in Toronto deliver riveting presence with billboard-sized scrolling arrays that offer limitless possibilities for campaign designers and advertisers. Increased revenue generation is guaranteed with Revolution's unequalled image capacity, vivid dimmable backlighting and stunning multi-sign choreography. RevMatrix stands above the crowd. There's nothing else like it in the world.

Revolution RSC6 Scroller Engines are the core of the Toys R Us scrolling storefront in Times Square, New York City. Revolution provides unprecedented programmability and reliability, including a uniquely powerful choreography playback system. With 165 scrollers, this is the largest and most sophisticated scroller matrix in the world.

Revolution adds forceful branding power to The Toronto Eaton Center Media Tower with a 40-module RevMatrix. The advertising center of Canada features a fully synchronized 18-story multimedia tower that combines LED, tri-vision and Revolution scrolling technologies to deliver an unforgettable impression. A series of dominant advertisers use multiple frames of art to deliver themed storylines. To-date, this RevMatrix has executed more than 40 million frame changes.

The Eaton Center Media Tower recently won the 3rd place prize in the Electronic Message Centers category at the International Sign Association Contest in Orlando, Florida.

Learn more about Revolution in Times Square and watch choregraphed RevMatrix action

Learn more about Revolution control software

Watch the Welcome to Revolution video introducing the technology behind RevMatrix and RevElite scrollers.

RevMatrix systems are used by Toys "R" Us Times Square, and Outdoor Broadcast Network Toronto, with installations planned for Tokyo, Atlanta, Boston, Malaysia and elsewhere

The comprehensive RevMatrix Product Overview is available for download upon request.

Contact Revolution to discuss customized applications, technical specs, pricing or to request product drawings specific to your project.


RevElite Scrolling Signs for High-Profile Locations

The RevElite is the only scrolling sign with complex sequencing and real-time cues. Schedule ads with the same versatility as radio and tv spots -- with prime times and off-peak options to ensure maximum ad revenue potential. With up to 32 ads, high image capacity encourages advertisers to feature multi-frame themes to captivate their audience. RevElite signs execute sequences without an on-site computer connection and deliver years of effective revenue generation.

Custom built to any window size up to 84"H x 60"W, there is no minimum order quantity for Revolution RevElite signs. Starting as low as US$5300 each, quantity discounts and special configurations are available. Revolution can design and modify product parameters to suit almost any application at no extra charge.

RevElite signs use the same brushless motors and electronics as RevMatrix modules, providing unparalled reliability and unmatched feature-set.

Revolution RADAElite scrolling signs are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). RevElite products operate at any input voltage from 100VAC up to 260VAC, at 50 or 60Hz, and are UL Listed.

Learn more about applications for RevElite scrollers

Watch the Welcome to Revolution video introducing the technology behind RevMatrix and RevElite scrollers.

RevElite scrolling signs are used by Hewlett Packard Corporate Headquarters in Dallas TX and Cupertino CA, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Brunei International Airport, Rupp Arena/University of Kentucky Wildcats NCAA basketball, Chacho's Restaurants, Seasons Marketing, University of Lethbridge Athletics Department, Visual Media, Kramer Design Associates and many other prestige clients.

Contact Revolution to discuss customized applications, technical specs, pricing or to request product drawings specific to your project.


RevMini Scrolling Signs for Simplicity and Reliability

The RevMini is the perfect combination of appearance, reliability and affordability. Designed from the outset to provide years of trouble-free service and supreme ease-of-use, the RevMini is equipped with a selectable dwell time switch, maximum ad capacity and multiple-sign synchronization features our competitors can only dream of. Built to run forever indoors or outdoors, this scroller can be trusted to deliver outstanding advertising presence in any situation. The RevMini is also used in truck-mounted mobile applications and takes the abuse without complaint! Satisfied clients range from large corporations to small businesses enjoying a significant boost in revenues.

Revolution RevMini signs are custom built to any size up to 72"H x 56"W. Popular window sizes are 36"x24", 48"x36", and 72"x48". Starting as low as US$2950 each, volume discounts are available.

Based on Revolution QuietDrive technology, the RevMini gets its name from a "Mini-mized" feature-set (when compared to the RevElite product line). This sign is designed to withstand extremes of temperature, rain, snow - even electrical storms! Crisp backlighting ensures a crystal-clear image appearance. Our most affordable indoor/outdoor large-format series, RevMini signs self-synchronize without ever needing a computer. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use.

RevMini signs are installed all over the world. Clients include Paramount King's Island Amusement Park, Paramount Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park, East Coast Sign Advertising, Craftsmen Industries NIKE display, The Exhibit Store, PedalMedia, Signs By Tomorrow, JAG Building Group, Identity Mobile Ads, The Godfrey Group, Kernels Popcorn, Advertech Mexico, Transworld Entertainment, Athavan Publications, Publilog Mexico, Colors Arabia, Creation Advertising, Boyd Sign Systems, Astra Sportsplex, Bus Bench Promotions, Art Classics, Pristine Auto Sales and many other companies and locations.

The comprehensive RevMini Product Overview and movies of the RevMini in action are available for download upon request.

Contact Revolution to discuss technical specs, pricing or to receive product drawings specific to your application.

RevMicro Desktop Scroller

The most beautiful desktop scroller at any price. Quiet, reliable, with the same synchronization features as the RevMini.

The Revolution RevMicro scrolls 3 standard paper sheets 8-1/2" wide x 11" tall. It's easy to change art anytime. Only US$499 each, volume discounts available.

Ideal for a wide range of indoor uses including bank service counters, cosmetics retailers, offices etc, RevMicro signs self-synchronize and can be used in tandem with RevMini signs. UL listed.

The RevMicro Product Overview and movies of the RevMicro in action are available for download upon request.

Contact Revolution to discuss technical specs, pricing or to receive product drawings.

Revolution Display Systems

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All Revolution modules, signs, and electronic sign controllers are UL-Listed or UL-Recognized. Safety marks for other countries are available on request.

Patents pending in U.S.A., Canada, and Worldwide. (c)2011 Revolution Display Systems Inc.

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Third-Party Studies Document the Effectiveness of Scrolling Sign Advertising

"Billboard displays using motion have been determined to be the most effective advertising in both product sales and consumer awareness."
-The Point of Purchase Institute, Washington, D.C.

" In the out-of-home advertising industry, scrolling billboard displays are the most effective form available boosting product and name recognition fifteen times greater than anything else available!"
-The European Outdoor Advertising Association, Zurich, Switzerland

"Our study measured consumer awareness and sales between static billboards, billboards utilizing scrolling motion and lighting, and no billboards. 43% of the respondents recalled the static billboards over no billboards. However, 94% of the respondents recalled the scrolling lit billboard, but in addition, 80% recalled the specific advertisement. Of even greater importance, static billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 54%, but lit scrolling billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 107%!"
- Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. Washington, D.C.

"Many advertisers have pointed out that traditional forms of advertising have become less effective in reaching their consumers, especially the lucrative 25-35 year old demographic. They are out and about and when they are at home, they're either in front of the computer or usually watching cable (digital) television. It has really segregated the market and forced advertisers to look at creative solutions."
- Caroline E. Mayer, The Washington Post.

Scrolling signs have many popular trade names: scrolling poster, rotating sign, moving sign, motion poster, scrolling advertising, rotating advertising, moving billboard, scrolling banner, rotating poster, scrolling billboard, rotational sign, moving poster etc. These variations all refer to a display technology that physically moves a series of printed images through a viewing window to increase an advertiser's ability to make an impression on a target audience.


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