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The Driving Force Behind the

Times Square Scrolling Spectacular

For each still image below we have provided videos of eye-catching animated transitions, along with enlarged stills of the end result. For more information about viewing online video clips, please read our
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Revolution RSC6 Scroller Engines are the driving force behind the RevMatrix at Times Square, NYC, the largest and most sophisticated scrolling display in the world.

The RSC6 controller offers the highest level of reliability possible, an important issue when 165 signs make up one gigantic image. Only Revolution control technology is capable of managing this demanding application, where complex synchronized transitions take place numerous times every hour of every day.

Each RevMatrix module features the RSC6 controller - responsible for managing brushless motors, battery backup, four microcontrollers to monitor scroll positioning, power failure recovery and playback of the complex choreography that makes the RevMatrix shine.

Each scroller is seamlessly integrated into the structure of the Toys R Us retail store -- an award-winning feat accomplished by the renowned architecture and design firm Gensler. (See for more information.)

Control software, created by Show & Tell Productions for use at Toys "R" Us, allows a series of frames to be previewed and animated on-screen prior to pre-production, printing, and installation. (See for more information.)

Pre-production and printing, as well as art installation logistics to ensure the right roll ends up in each machine, is handled by Vomela. (See for more information.)

Each of the 165 scrollers in this installation can hold up to nine images. The transport can roll through one frame in less than 2 seconds, or as long as 11 seconds, variable in 1% increments.

RevMatrix technology also features sequence controlled dimmable backlighting, adding another eye-catching dimension to RevMatrix animations.

The RSC6 system, which includes an electronic controller, motors, sensors, and interconnection wiring, is UL-Recognized for use in Revolution and other scrolling signs. As of Q2-2006, all Revolution signs are based on the outstandingly reliable and robust 6th generation RSC6.

For more information about building an eye-catching RevMatrix of unlimited size, indoor or outdoor, please contact us.

Revolution can supply a DVD for client presentations, as well as the comprehensive RevMatrix Product Overview, available via download upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limit to the size of matrix I can build?

As few as three signs can be effectively choreographed to vastly increase visual appeal.

We are currently discussing matrix projects exceeding the size and scope of Toys R Us in Times Square, with more signs and dimmable lighting.

Do I have to use standard sizes?

Revolution custom builds the scroller units you need, with special attention to fit, mounting, servicing, and ease of art changing. A RevMatrix can even consist of multiple sign sizes squeezed into corners and wrapping around obstructions.

Can I do this with an old or new building?

Together with your architect and structural engineer, Revolution can help find the best way to add scrollers to your existing building, or accommodate scrollers in your new building designs.

Please contact Revolution for more information about your specific project.


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